Customer Experience Index (C.E.I.)

The Customer Experience Index (CEI) CEI Survey is carried out every three (3) months / once per quarter to assess the performance of the LINX Network; merchants' satisfaction of the LINX Network and their respective banks, and the merchants' awareness of both the LINX and Bank Operations.

The CEI Survey is carried out through Trinidad both in the malls and the town areas. Location includes:

The Survey encompasses balance enquiries to test the transaction time on the network and a series of questions on the following:

The CEI Survey is carried out by authorized representatives of InfoLink Services Limited, the member banks and Market Facts and Opinion.

The results of the survey along with comments and issues are forwarded to the member banks to assist in improving the network, the services and respond to merchants' issues.

Please note, personal and security information is not asked in the survey, for example pin numbers, account numbers and any bank information. Please do not give out this information to anyone.

Each quarter, the location and date of the CEI Survey will be posted in our news centre. If you require further information, please contact us at

Our next C.E.I. Survey is scheduled for July 2017 at the mall and town areas: Grand Bazaar, West Mall, Long Circular Mall, Trincity Mall, Price Plaza and Gulf City Mall.

Results from our last survey

Performance of the debit card system (LINX)

Merchants are consistent in rating the LINX service as very good and excellent year over year. The network boasts a 99.9% availability making the service available to cardholders 24/7.


performance graphperformance graph

Minimum Purchase Limit/Floor Limit policy

Each quarter merchants are surveyed to find out if a floor limit policy is being enforced on cardholders. This past survey showed 5% of merchants enforcing this policy. Any merchant who is found to be practicing this policy should be reported. Congratulations to those merchants who are following their merchant agreement.


floor limitfloor limit

Most used Method of Payment

Customers are consistently using their LINX Cards for purchases at POS Terminals. We offer secure and convenient access to your money with over 13,830 terminals available throughout Trinidad and Tobago. Thank you for choosing LINX.


floor limitfloor limit